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Picket – Seeking Help

5 Sept 2017, Jalan Duta Court Building – Volunteers from PENGASIH congregated here at 9:00 am to show their love and support for PENGASIH. Datuk Yunus Pathi who founded the centre 26 years ago was present at court to file a case that was made… Continue reading

Hari Raya at PENGASIH

  15 July 2017, Rumah Pengasih Kuala Lumpur –  Malaysia is synonymous with food. If you take a stroll down any street you will see stalls selling everything from banana fritters to barbecued corn. There is also a mamak around every corner where Malaysians come to enjoy their… Continue reading

Hari Raya Open House 2017

Things are finally back to normal now that the Raya festivities are over. What’s that? You didn’t get to celebrate with us, you say? Don’t fret. We definitely want you to lepak and makan-makan with us. So… We will be having our annual Hari Raya… Continue reading

Post Hari Raya Staff Group Sharing Session

6 July 2017, Rumah Pengasih Kuala Lumpur – Support groups are crucial in sustaining recovery. Those of us in recovery know that we require some form of communal support hence the saying You can do it but you can’t do it alone. Group therapy and… Continue reading

Wrap Up Perdana 2017

  2 July 2017, Rumah Pengasih Kuala Lumpur – At Rumah Pengasih one often hears the term The Power of Sharing and Sharing is Caring over and over again. Residents are encouraged to talk about their past, troubles and concerns as it helps alleviate the burden… Continue reading