Post Hari Raya Staff Group Sharing Session

6 July 2017, Rumah Pengasih Kuala Lumpur – Support groups are crucial in sustaining recovery. Those of us in recovery know that we require some form of communal support hence the saying You can do it but you can’t do it alone.

Group therapy and sharing sessions are highly encouraged here at Pengasih. Right from the start of the day there are morning meetings, departmental meetings, wrap-up’s, counselling and peer groups etc.

As staff, we too practise sharing. We have daily clinical meetings. Every Thursday we have a staff group where all the staff can speak about anything they wish to share with the rest.

As festivities and events can be stressful to those of us in recovery, we make it a point to have a post Hari Raya sharing session every year.

The group commenced at 3:00 pm as Hanif Talib took the floor. After a number of staff related their experiences, Datuk Yunus (Yeop) gave a short speech.

Chef Nazaruddin prepared a delicious serving of Rendang Ayam and Ketupat for tea before the group adjourned.

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