Relapse Prevention Workshop

Rumah Pengasih Rehab Malaysia TC Relapse Prevention Workshop 2017

14 – 16 June 2017, Rumah Pengasih, Kuala Lumpur – Events and festivities are known triggers leading to relapse. This is because in the past celebrations are associated with more than usual drug-use in a bid to celebrate. When one battles addiction, they are isolated and miserable hence when others are mingling happily with each other during celebrations, the addict will be in the room getting high or worse still, no where to be seen. These troubling memories which come back now that one is sober and  clear-headed are among some of the factors that act as triggers.

We organise a 3 day Relapse Prevention Workshop annually during the month of Ramadan before a number of qualifying residents go on home-leave.

Rumah Pengasih Rehab Malaysia TC Relapse Prevention Workshop 2017

The workshop which is aimed at educating the residents on drug addiction, relapses and ways and means to avoid relapsing by means of seminars and workshops which are conducted by members of staff.  “Empowering Recovery through Knowledge” is the theme for this years’ workshop.

Rumah Pengasih Rehab Malaysia TC Relapse Prevention Workshop 2017

The Relapse Prevention workshop was organised and supervised by Hafizi Harun who is the Director of Training at Rumah Pengasih. Hafizi has attained a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology to compliment and strenghten his recovery. He presented the first paper of the day after a speech by Datuk Yunus who oversaw the entire project.

Other speakers include Veera Noor (Director of Human Resource), Azhar Rahman (Program Manager) and Case Officer Azroy Zainal.

On the final day, the residents participated in a psychodrama based on the relapse prevention technics they had learned.

Supper was prepared by Chef Naza for all three days.

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