Our Views on Drugs

Drug abuse is not a new issue. It is how governments of the world look at it. At one time, drug was a trading commodity. But since the Geneva Convention (No.1) in 1925, Geneva Convention (No.2) in 1931 and New York Narcotics Declaration in 1961, governments started rethinking about the impacts of drug abuse on societies.

Now NGOs, such as PENGASIH, are taking initiatives and efforts towards demand reduction.

In drug abuse syndrome, prevention is better than cure. PENGASIH reaches out to all communities in awareness campaigns. We would like to prevent anyone from doping and to intervene those who are about to be swallowed into the vicious drug life. For this purpose, we utilize all forms of media such as TV, Radio, Print, the Internet, Exhibitions and Seminars, extensively.

PENGASIH reaches out to drug users in their shooting galleries, people on the streets, students at school, academicians in colleges, fishermen and farmers and shoppers in plazas. At the same time, we strengthen our communication channels by networking with parliamentarians, activists, public figures, religious bodies and civil authorities.

And for those who are unfortunate to have fallen into the drug entrapment, PENGASIH is giving them hope to return to their communities in sober condition. Continuous recovery from addiction is the main goal of all former drug users. It is not an easy path to take, filled with a haphazard assortment of challenges and difficulties. Only those who are steadfast enough will continue with the recovery path. They are usually well equipped with the right knowledge, skills, support and genuine sincerity.

PENGASIH offers opportunities to recovering users the much needed knowledge, skills and support during their treatment and rehabilitation. However, we know that this is not enough. We need to strengthen the program by giving treatment to the families of recovering users as well.

Families suffered greatly when their partners, children or siblings were hooked on drugs. The trauma the families faced are mostly unpleasant, damaging and bitter. They must be treated as well for their psychological injuries. Our first step is to rekindle hope, gain trust and mend broken ties between them. Then we need to prepare families on how to manage recovering users when they return home. They must know the right way to monitor recovery progress and deal with their issues, properly.

As seen from PENGASIH’s past experience, family support has major impact on former users. Former users try harder to maintain in their path of recovery and they became productive citizens. They are ready to help each other in self-help groups.

To achieve even better and faster results in the fight against drug abuse, local communities and Governments must support the efforts of NGOs. Support means moral support, material support, logistical support as well as financial support. Only then will we, the citizens of the world, be able to taste the pleasure of having successful demand reduction results.


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